A Kind Word to Our Sponsors for their Continued Support

We've had some of the best support of the years and there are a few kind organizations who deserve a special mention:

It wouldn't be without the likes of FreeBetInfo.com who work tirelessly to bring the good players of the United Kingdom some of the best sports betting platforms and free bets UK to their customers. We've worked closely with them over the years & look forward to many more in future!


Toddlers (5 and Under, 9am - 12pm) - $10.50

All Ages - $20.00

For lesson information and request please email, BounceAirClinics@gmail.com

Birthday Parties / Events

Exclusive Facility Rental (2 Hours PRIVATE)…………$510.00


Party Room Rental = $80 2hours


Each space is $20/person (Maximum 30 spaces).

You may reserve your spaces prior to your event space rental.


(604) 938-4567 - whistlerbounce@gmail.com

Booking Basics:

There is no minimum guest requirement for Party Room bookings.

You must pre-purchase each space you wish to have reserved for your event. (MAX 30) Unused reserved spaces may be credited to your Bounce account, but not refunded.

Please Note:
1. No refunds will be provided in the event of a cancellation.
2. Cancellations will only be reimbursed in the form of Bounce Credit.

Get in Touch!

604 938 4567